Friday, March 7, 2008

mock rolling stone review

the idea of this assignment is to create a mock illustration for rolling stone magazine's review section. i specifically chose beck's album "guero" for this assignment.

the first comp is simply incorporating beck into the 'el musico' loteria card to reflect the influence of hispanic culture on the album.

the second comp was an attempt at drawing out what i would later create as a collage based on images found on the east side of l.a. {echo park, silver lake, etc.} with beck in the center, again taking into account hispanic culture of the east side.

the third comp also attempts to use the same atmosphere, except in a traditional setting with intuitive line drawing. beck was originally supposed to be sitting in the shopping cart with the facial expression/pose found in the image below this one, but after some discussion with my professor, i've decided against it. instead, beck will be placed in the foreground as in the image above, and the same middle ground and background will be used from this third comp.

the final version of this illustration in full color should be up soon.

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