Wednesday, March 12, 2008

wordless book project

this is from my illustration for publishing class with mark todd and esther pearl watson... probably one of, if not my most favorite class i've had thus far at art center.

this is a wordless book. my concept was to use the multiple trips i've taken to l.a. from calexico on the greyhound and turn those into one story, roundtrip. this is circa 2000-2005. i originally intended to keep the story black and white but turned in some color comps today. i haven't scanned those yet, but here are the black and white drawings. i may self.publish this book, seeing as i have formatted it to fit into a standard copy machine, much like my last project from this class. this one in particular is 5 1/2" x 4 1/4", single page.

me standing in line, waiting to purchase my ticket. note my beloved sony headphones that have since cracked on me. sad, sad...

this is a double page spread of the ocean as seen from the 5, between san diego and orange county. the inset is of my ipod with "horses in my dreams" by pj harvey on the screen.

this last image is of downtown l.a. {arriving}.

the centerfold is composed of several panels, each of them a different activity i used to do when i'd hang out with my friends here.


katie said...

Jennifer, these are lovely and so interesting--almost like movie stills. Very appropriate I guess given the city that has your heart. <3 Katie

jennifer cuellar said...

thank you, miss katie. (:

James Chong said...

thats awesome thanks a lot!

i actually made that yearbook zine in esther and marks class this past term.

anyways, i really like your airplane drawing haa. i will comment on that entry where i saw it right after this comment.